Unofficial Facebook Technical Support

There are a few things that can go wrong with facebook like not being able to log in or just simple plain image uploading not working for you, please use this page to request technical help with facebook or any query you may have regarding the social networking platform either I or our readers will reply to your question. We hope that this page helps you find the solution to your facebook problem.

A couple of tips for resolving a great many issues are:

  • Check facebook in a different web browser popular ones are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome.
  • Check your firewall settings.
  • Check if any new software as been installed on your pc/laptop revert back to the setup that facebook last worked on.
  • Check you have cookies enabled on your browser.
  • Check that you have the latest version of web browser plugins such as flash media player and java.
  • Check that your work, school, college or eve internet cafĂ© as not blocked facebook completely if so use a facebook proxie Google them they allow you to use facebook at blocked locations.
  • Cannot login to facebook – reset your password then check your junk inbox for the reset email if you still do not recieve that email then simply email contact the site via their contact page.
  • Press Ctrl+F5 to do a dull refresh whilst on facebook this empties your cache of any facebook information stored on your pc/laptop and will download any updates made by facebook.

If your still stuck feel free to Ask a Question now regarding technical support on facebook.