Chit Chat for Facebook Review

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people you’ve missed over the years, including friends, family, business contacts, and school chums. For users who love talking with contacts on Facebook, there is a free instant messenger (IM) app that takes just a few minutes to use. Chit Chat for Facebook is a free Facebook messaging application owned and managed by UK-based Daniel Offer and Henrik Larsson.

Facebook enthusiasts might consider this app if waiting for comments and Facebook messages on the main website is too slow and cumbersome. Instant messaging offers conversations in real-time while allowing a user to browse other websites and to utilize other desktop programs.

Whilst Chit Chat for Facebook was originally created and marketed in the UK, it is available to anyone with an Internet connection. Here are some aspects of this free product:

*Quick and easy access. Users visit the website and download the software for the free Facebook instant messaging application. Choose to download it and save it to the computer or run it one time from the website. This program prompts for permissions, if a user desires, to save app files on your hard drive. In this reviewer’s experience, the download process took two or three minutes on a 58KB DSL connection.

*Usability. Users downloading the app see a narrow blue dialog box on one side of the screen. Log in to the Chit Chat feature with the appropriate Facebook email address and password. This app lets you choose whether to remember your Facebook log-in info and whether to sign in to the app automatically. At your first log-in, expect to be asked whether to share Chit Chat with your Facebook friends.

*Quick reference box for chatting. The result of logging in to this app is an alphabetical list of your Facebook friends in an easy-to-read format. All of the names of Facebook friends appear in a slender column. See instantly who is online and offline. Click on the name of one of your online friends to start instant messaging. Take advantage also of two links at the bottom of the dialog box to send a private message or to post a comment on a friend’s wall.

*Private messaging. Once you have selected a friend’s name, click the private message feature. Almost instantly, a blue-and-white box pops up addressed to your Facebook contact. Type in a personalized message and click “Send.”

In Summary, working with a Facebook application like Chit Chat makes it easy to perform other desktop tasks without keeping a Facebook page open. With Chit Chat, the IM feature, the private message feature, and the wall posting feature are easy to execute with a few clicks. This app saves time in personal productivity. Don’t waste time browsing Facebook pages – such as reading profiles and wall posts and viewing photos and videos.

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Bypass Facebook Fan Pages

Bypass Facebook Fan Pages is a really neat new tool to help you get around those fan pages on Facebook that have hidden content on them that requires you to take surveys and the like to reveal the content. does all the hard work for you so you don’t have to :)

It’s a brand new service so please bare with it we love it especially because we developed it with Facebook users in mind.


Facebook Login

That’s right folks you have reached the site Facebook Login Hut it’s your number one stop for all things Facebook. We happily bring you news of developments, features, content and just about anything related to our beloved Facebook we even chuck some of those Facebook Fan Pages that have hidden content in the works for you too.

We set out to start a website that would be a safe haven for Facebook users and keep then up to date with Facebook itself we wanted somewhere where you could login to the book safely from as many sources out there were redirecting to nasty websites that were trying to steal your information and such which is not a very nice act.

The website is over one year old now and were still steaming ahead with our Goal expect some major developments shortly on Facebook Login Hut.

Thanks for reading :)

Facebook Panic Button

The Facebook panic button has been used more than 200 times since it’s introduction in the U.K says the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). The panic button was introduced last month for Facebook users in the U.K to report suspicious behaviour on Facebook, this is great for parents and will give them peace of mind when their child is using Facebook.

Facebook is trying really hard now to keep everyone happy and make Facebook a safe place, Facebook as come under scrutiny before as there have been many incidents that could have possibly been avoided if the Facebook panic button was in place.

Facebook on Lockdown

Rumour is spreading that Facebook is in lockdown for the next 60 days with the office open at weekends and a big Neon sign in Mark Zuckerberg’s office saying Lockdown. This comes as no surprise as Google is hard at work making GoogleMe and with the launch of GoogleMe looming Facebook is apparently tweaking all it’s systems and code so that the site runs more efficiently for it’s users. Facebook as been in lockdown many times before and has been called the Facebook effect by it’s employees in the beginning of Facebook they would have a lockdown and if someone wanted to leave someone would bang the table and scream,

Were in Lockdown, no one leaves untill were done with this thing

Interesting times are ahead in the Social networking world.

Google Acquires Slide war with Facebook is coming

Google has acquired Slide for around $180 million a representative from Google has said:

“For Google, the web is about people, and we’re working to develop open, transparent and interesting (and fun!) ways to allow our users to take full advantage of how technology can bring them closer to friends and family and provide useful information just for them,” explained David Glazer, Engineering Director at Google.

Slide is a cool online tool that was created by paypal founder Max Levchin it was initially a Photo sharing tool and would allow you to link all your photos together but then it took on many other forms of social sharing and games.

Google is hard at work and trying to break Facebook’s tight grip on the social circle a giant battle of the masses is coming and Google is gearing up well for it.

131,000,000 people could not STOP LAUGHING at this video Facebook Page

Facebook Page: 131,000,000 people could not STOP LAUGHING at this video:View

We think that just about everyone has seen this video at some point in their lives so cute :)

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OMG The worlds worst mcdonalds customer (shocking video must see) Facebook Page

Facebook Page: OMG The worlds worst mcdonalds customer (shocking video must see):View

Damn this is harsh!

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97% of people fall ásleep 30 seçonds after watchíng this video Facebook Page

Facebook Page: 97% of people fall ásleep 30 seçonds after watchíng this video:View

Clear your mind take 10 minutes out to watch this video it will send you to sleep.

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Girl Gets Kicked Out Of School For DRESSING LIKE THIS! OMG! Facebook Page

Facebook Page: Girl Gets Kicked Out Of School For DRESSING LIKE THIS! OMG!:View

Would you let your Daughter go to school dressed like this?

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