Facebook Chit Chat

High School Instant Messaging

Facebook Chat is great; I’ve been using Instant Messenger’s for years – ever since I was at high school, but I’ve never had all of my friends on the same instant messenger. I do now.


Facebook Buddy List: Using Facebook Chat on Chit Chat for Facebook – Facebook Chat without a Web-Browser

Facebook Friends

After a crazy amount of friend requests my Facebook Friend’s now stands at 531 – not bad, although, of course there are about 10-15 who are my close friends and around 50 who I talk to on a regular basis. The remaining Facebook friends are mere acquaintances, whom nevertheless, I want to speak to every now and again.

What I Hate About Facebook Chat

There are a few things that I really can’t stand about Facebook Chat. For a start, I really can’t get my head around “chatting” in internet explorer whilst surfing around Facebook. I don’t like it.

Nor do I like having to have my speakers on listening out for a “pop” when someone has sent me a message. It drives my housemates insane whilst they’re watching television.

Moreover, I love emoticons. I mean seriously love emoticons, but do I have to remember all of the different emotion codes on Facebook Chat? No way, that’s annoying.

There Is a Better Way to Chat On Facebook Chat

Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to Chit Chat for Facebook. It’s a Facebook Instant Messenger that allows you to chat on Facebook without your web-browser. It’s actually much more like the old school Windows Live Messenger before it got filled with features that I never use.

Chit Chat for Facebook lets me know when my friends come online and when they go offline.


I also like the tabbed instant message window, the fact that I can use bold and underline in my messages and click and insert an emotion.


Overall, I think that Chit Chat for Facebook is a good alternative to using Facebook Chat within Facebook – you can download Chit Chat for Facebook from their website. .