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Change Facebook Login Background

Heres a neat tricks for you Google Chrome lovers out there you can change your Facebook Login page background with ease give it a new lease of life make it looks cleaner and fresher than the normal dull Facebook background hey! Step 1: Download Facebook Refresh extension here. Step 2: Once Installed type chrome://extensions/ on [...]

Tagging Friends in Posts does not work

Here a neat trick that we learned almost all the time the feature that let’s you tag your friends in Facebook statues and Comments does not load properly when using the @friends name, all you have to do in Firefox or Internet Explorer open a new blank tab (hit the + button next to your [...]

Facebook Login Automatically Link Accounts

You can link your Yahoo, Myspace and Google accounts to Facebook so that if your logged into any of those services you will automatically be logged into Facebook without having to Google, Bing or Yahoo search ‘Facebook Login’ every time you wish to login to Facebook or better yet logging in to Facebook from their [...]

could not connect to facebook chat at this time

There is a common error using the Facebook chat system users have a yellow triangle with the message ‘could not connect to facebook chat at this time‘ when they hover over it. There are two causes for this bug one of which is that your computers memory is too low and can’t handle the load [...]

How Do I Create a Group In Facebook?

This one is really simple people you don’t need to read through a huge step by step tutorial list all you do is click this link and it will take you to the Facebook Group page no messing about. If your logged into Facebook it will take you directly to the page if you are [...]

Restore Facebook Homepage

There is a neat trick discovered by a women called Dawn Kelly from Leicester in England. You can restore your facebook homepage to its original setting after the October update by following this neat trick. To restore Facebook to old look…Look to the top left menu and click on MORE (in blue). Then drag STATUS [...]

Make money from your Facebook profile pages

If you get a great deal of traffic to your facebook profile pages then we may have a solution for you to make some money for your troubles. We have just discovered this cool application called Profile HTML it allows you to place a editable html box inside your profile pages. If you join an [...]

Make Facebook go all weird with lens flare

This is a neat little trick you can do some mad keyboard skills whilst on facebook to add some flavour to it try it and you will see the code is similar to that of soncic the hedgehog on the old Sega heres the code. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, [...]

Countdown clock for facebook

Have you ever wanted a countdown clock on your Facebook profile page like they do on myspace and have not qwuite figured out how to do it? Well here is a step by step tutorial on how to add a coundown clock to that soecial event on your facebook profile page. Add a countdown clock [...]

Facebook Login Problems

Are you having problems logging in? first start by going to and then inputting your information into the usename and password then hit login. If all else fails try to recover you account by going to the recovery page.