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Facebook Status

There is cool new Facebook Status checker that’s just launched it lets you see Where Facebook is down in the world so if you get worried that Facebook is broken or whatever you can simply visit this site log it and see if others in your area are experiencing the same issues as you. The [...]

Facebook Places goes live in the U.K

If you use your iPhone and have just upgraded to the new version on the iPhone app store then you will now see a places button in your central Facebook hub on your ultra cool iPhone. Places lets you update real time locations to Facebook so if you in Top Shop or Macy’s you can [...]

Chit Chat for Facebook Review

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people you’ve missed over the years, including friends, family, business contacts, and school chums. For users who love talking with contacts on Facebook, there is a free instant messenger (IM) app that takes just a few minutes to use. Chit Chat for Facebook is a [...]

Bypass Facebook Fan Pages

Bypass Facebook Fan Pages is a really neat new tool to help you get around those fan pages on Facebook that have hidden content on them that requires you to take surveys and the like to reveal the content. does all the hard work for you so you don’t have to :) It’s a [...]

Facebook Badges

We found a really cool tool to help you create a neat Facebook Badge the tool helps you create Facebook Badges like the one you see to the right on this website or underneath this post for your Facebook profile page linking from places that you use on the web. You can also create Facebook [...]


This is really quite awesome and we have not seen this kind of thing before if you have please tell us about it. The huge Music Festival Glastonbury in England had a huge panoramic photograph taken by Orange of the the entire crowd and you can now go to that image at and tag [...]

Cool Facebook Chat Utility

New, Animated smileys for Facebook chat now, for the first time ever you can send amazing emoticons, funny winks, sounds and much much more directly from your Facebook chat. This free & safe add-on is called facemoods and takes just seconds to add to Facebook. Once added all you need to do is go to [...]

Facebook Instant Messenger

We are very pleased to bring you news of a fantastic tool for all you Facebook fanatics out there, the tool is apply named Chit Chat For Facebook and works just like the old style MSN messenger before all the junk was incorporated into it. The tool works just like your online chat system whilst [...]

Facebook Buttons – Share your Facebook profile and pages

We would like to tell you about a cool site we came across called Facebook Buttons it lets is users hotlink their cool images on sites they use to promote their Facebook profiles and pages. The site is pretty new but has some cool images to use for Facebook and Twitter. We have already added [...]

Facebook Toolbar for Firefox

The firefox facebook toolbar is ultra cool if your a fan of the firefox web browser aswell as a facebooker! The idea is that you can be anywhere on any site and still stay connected to your facebook profile with notifications, chat, messages and friends online status. Some of the key features of the tool [...]