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New Facebook Auto Photo Tagging

Facebook are rolling out a rather exciting new feature to their photo tagging tool it’s an auto facial recognition tagging system. The feature is being rolled out very slowly on Facebook but we have been lucky enough to see it in action the feature at the moment groups all your uploaded photos by faces and [...]

Request your Facebook Email

There is a page on Facebook which we have found this morning that you can use to request to start using the new messaging system and thus acquiring a new uber cool Facebook Email try it now :) We suspect that the mail sign in interface will be be integrated into Facebook wont be anything [...]

Facebook Email

Thats right folks!! you heard it right Facebook has just announced a new feature coming to Facebook soon called “project titan” The new feature is an email system embedded into the Facebook messaging system. The new messaging system will allow you to attach things and send them in the same way you do using normal [...]

Facebook and Microsoft Gang Up on Google

It certainly looks like the war is on as Bing now integrates Facebook into it’s core search features to make search more social. Bing as added buttons to its searches and many more features which are still yet to be unveiled by Microsoft’s power house search engine. Facebook as integrated Bing into its search too [...]

Facebook Arcade

This is a really neat Facebook arcade system that lets you post your scores and rank up points to show off to your Facebooking friends the app is new and it has some really addictive games to boot. We spoke to the developers and they said that the system is still in beta but they [...]

Facebook Login

That’s right folks you have reached the site Facebook Login Hut it’s your number one stop for all things Facebook. We happily bring you news of developments, features, content and just about anything related to our beloved Facebook we even chuck some of those Facebook Fan Pages that have hidden content in the works for [...]

Facebook Panic Button

The Facebook panic button has been used more than 200 times since it’s introduction in the U.K says the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). The panic button was introduced last month for Facebook users in the U.K to report suspicious behaviour on Facebook, this is great for parents and will give them peace [...]

Facebook on Lockdown

Rumour is spreading that Facebook is in lockdown for the next 60 days with the office open at weekends and a big Neon sign in Mark Zuckerberg’s office saying Lockdown. This comes as no surprise as Google is hard at work making GoogleMe and with the launch of GoogleMe looming Facebook is apparently tweaking all [...]

Google Acquires Slide war with Facebook is coming

Google has acquired Slide for around $180 million a representative from Google has said: “For Google, the web is about people, and we’re working to develop open, transparent and interesting (and fun!) ways to allow our users to take full advantage of how technology can bring them closer to friends and family and provide useful [...]

Facebook Facing Fines From Germany

Our darling beloved Facebook is facing fines from Germany after Facebook broke privacy laws under German Laws. A group of officials in Germany have sent Facebook a letter which Facebook as confirmed receiving via the BBC website.  Switzerland is also on the brink of filing a lawsuit against Facebook over privacy concerns this is not [...]