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Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable

A great number of p[people have been getting the “Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable” page which redirects everyone that’s logged in to the same Facebook page which is this there is no easy fix for this problem other than sit back chill and wait for the issue to resolve we think it’s an automated message [...]

https login facebook

Many people like to login into Facebook via the https login facebook the https is a secure way of signing in all you have to do is make sure that the url in your address bar looks like this you can easily test if your using the secure way of logging into Facebook by [...]

Facebook has 350 million users so why does it stuggle to make money?

Facebook has more users than the population of the USA Wow! With that kind of traffic and usage it’s hard to think that Facebook will ever drop off the web or struggles to make any kind of real money from advertising. The latter does apply to Facebook it struggles to make as much money as [...]

Weird Symbols on Facebook

For some each time they try to log into Facebook they are landing on a page where there are strange symbols. There are numerous things this could be, One being your anti virus software. This is a common effect if you have Norton installed on your computer best bet is to remove it or try [...]

Facebook Login Cookies Required

This is a very annoying attribute to Facebook when logging in this message appears which reads Cookies are not enabled on your browser. Please adjust this in your security preferences before continuing. Your screen will look like the image below, There is a simple resolution but it entirely depends on which web browser you are [...]

Attack of the facebook login phishing websites

We hear it all the time ‘My Facebook account has been hacked’. Just of late there has been a spate of people setting up fake sites that try to phish for your login information on all the sites you use. Its estimated that there are around 10 000 mnew phishing websites created every day by [...]

Facebook login couple tie the knot

A couple that met through the power of facebook have tied the not Gemma Kelly was married to Jon Griffin of Leicester England on Saturday. The wedding day was a lovely day and many people attended. There are many couples that meet on Facebook that are getting married who says that online dating is for [...]

Addicted to Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook? Here are 10 of our pointers that may indicate your addiction to the social networking website. 1.Cant go without? If you can’t go at least one day without going on facebook then you know your addicted go on try it we dare you! 2.Going bed to late? If you stay [...]

Facebook Connect On Your Website

If you have a website that has a memberbase then you can add the facebook connect system to your site to post updates to facebook from your site for your users that have a facebook account. Incorporating Facebook Connect into your site would be a great way of marketing your site for example if you [...]

How to poke a friend on facebook

The facebook poke as been used millions of times throughout the world and is unique to facebook, the action lets you poke your friends with options for them to poke you back here we list basic instructions on how to poke a friend on facebook. Make sure your logged into facebook. Use the search bar [...]