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Facebook Caf

This cool app is very much like the Restaurant City application but it differs in the fact that the app allows you to actually simulate the cooking experience with friends. In Caf

Facebook For iPhone

If your like us then you may use your iPhone to login into Facebook and check Facebook on your iPhone. If you do then the best thing you can do is download and install the cool Facebook for iPhone application. The super cool app is great it automatically logs you into the site and keeps [...]

Facebook Restaurant City

This is a rather cool application for Facebook. Cooking up some wonderful stuff to make your friends mouth water how good a cook are you? Restaurant City lets you run your very own restaurant and employ your friends to work for you as waiters and chefs. And with a wealth of different decorations, furniture and [...]

Facebook YoVille

YoVille on Facebook is amazing and very addictive to say the least. You set your character up to resemble you in real life and away you go mooching around YoVille making frineds chatting, playing games and kitting out your house with all the latest gear. YoVille is a rol playing game and is filled to [...]

Facebook Top Friends

Who’s your best friend? Facebook’s Top Friends application will break some hearts. Almost 14 million facebook users are using Top Friends it displays a box in your profile page with all your best friends in it ordered by merit. You add the top frineds application and then through an admin interface create your top frineds [...]

Facebook FarmVille

FarmVille on facebook is a uber cool gaming app that you can add to your profile. The game is very interactive and and has a great deal to it to keep you entertained for hours. Its versimilar to the sim city type games in the fact that you have land and have to build it [...]

Facebook How Well Do You Know Me?

Facebook’s How Well Do You Know Me? is a cool app for you and your friends it allows you to create questions about yourself that only your true friends should know or people that think they know you. Questions range from whats my favourite football team to whats my middle name. The application is quite [...]

Facebook Flixster Movies

Facebook’s Flixster Movies application is a cool app for movies lovers on facebook the app boasts to have well over 100,000 movie trivia quizzes that a user can take as well as reviewing movies you have seen and creating your favourite and worst movies list between you and your friends. The application has over 20 [...]

Facebook LivingSocial

Facebook’s living social is a way of a user categorizing their favourite things in life such as movies, tv, games, drinks, books, places in the world you cathing on yet? The app is the second most used on facebook with around 23 million facebook members using it. Take a look at the LivingSocial Homepage for [...]

Facebook Causes

Facebook causes is an application that allows you to setup a cause like animal rescues, special charity events and the like with donations that help the cause. Foundations such as the RSPCA have a facebook cause setup that helps raise awareness about their activities and also helps raise fund through their donation process the causes [...]