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New Facebook Auto Photo Tagging

Facebook are rolling out a rather exciting new feature to their photo tagging tool it’s an auto facial recognition tagging system. The feature is being rolled out very slowly on Facebook but we have been lucky enough to see it in action the feature at the moment groups all your uploaded photos by faces and [...]

Request your Facebook Email

There is a page on Facebook which we have found this morning that you can use to request to start using the new messaging system and thus acquiring a new uber cool Facebook Email try it now :) We suspect that the mail sign in interface will be be integrated into Facebook wont be anything [...]

Facebook Email

Thats right folks!! you heard it right Facebook has just announced a new feature coming to Facebook soon called “project titan” The new feature is an email system embedded into the Facebook messaging system. The new messaging system will allow you to attach things and send them in the same way you do using normal [...]