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Facebook Login Beware

There is a nasty little Facebook attack going on at the moment so please be careful it’s spreading in the form of a message when opened it redirects to another site from Facebook and asks for your Facebook Login credentials. The message comes as a promise to watch an ‘Hilarious Video’ and a great number [...]

Facebook Login in Google

Believe it or not a great number of people type Facebook Login into Google and other search engines to get to their beloved Facebook. For a few days now Google has ranked first a site that has nothing to do with the Facebook Login page or in fact Facebook and this as led to some [...]

Facebook blocked in Pakistan becasue of Prophet Mohammed cartoon

Oh no those poor poor people in Pakistan are no longer allowed to use their beloved Facebook as its been blocked :( all because of some silly dispute over a carton which depicts their god Mohammed. The row started after a group formed on Facebook starting a “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” which casued havoc in [...]

Quit Facebook Day

A website has been setup in protest to Facebook’s latest privacy settings update. Facebook  has recently updated their website and now have over 50 settings for users to implement in their Facebook account. A group of Facebook members have teamed up to form a group, website and Facebook page to leave Facebook on the 31st [...]