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Facebook Instant Messenger

We are very pleased to bring you news of a fantastic tool for all you Facebook fanatics out there, the tool is apply named Chit Chat For Facebook and works just like the old style MSN messenger before all the junk was incorporated into it. The tool works just like your online chat system whilst [...]

Facebook Donates To Haiti

As you may be aware there was a huge earthquake that shook the small country of Haiti a few weeks ago. It is feared that there are between 50 000 – 200 000 that have died as a result of the natural disaster and the country which is one of the most poorest undeveloped country’s [...]

Facebooks version of retweet

Facebook has took another stage to keep up with the boom of Twitter with introducing its version of twitters popular retweet functionality. On twitter if you like someones post (tweet) you can retweet the tweet so that it appears on your Twitter wall for you followers to see a form of viral looping. Facebook as [...]

Facebook will not be charging their users its official

Thats right folks you heard it here first Facebook will not be charging its users. There as been a great deal of speculation of late about Facebook charging its users later on down the line to use it’s site and extra bonus features and addons to the website. This comes as great news as many [...]