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Facebook On The PS3

That’s right folks Facebook is coming to a PS3 near you! Sony has decided to jump on the bandwagon and will be releasing a cool Facebook integration in the new 3.10 firmware update expected before the end of the month as a goodwill and free Christmas present to all it’s loyal PS3 users. What can [...]


Have you ever been Facebooked? How would you know? What is Facebooked? Facebooked is the term given to a person that’s been looked up on Facebook just think someone somewhere is interested in you and uses Facebook to look you up to attain more information about you from Facebook. When you think about it to [...]

could not connect to facebook chat at this time

There is a common error using the Facebook chat system users have a yellow triangle with the message ‘could not connect to facebook chat at this time‘ when they hover over it. There are two causes for this bug one of which is that your computers memory is too low and can’t handle the load [...]

Facebook Login Not Working

Are you one of the many that can’t get their ‘Facebook Login‘ to work? well if you are we have a facebook support section on our site where you can log your problems or learn how to take steps to make it work. There have been many cases of people not being able to log [...]

Cool Facebook Sites

We like to keep updated and informed about all the latest gossip about Facebook so we will list just some of the sites that we frequent. All Facebook is a great site and has so much detail on everything related to Facebook, the site has real time stats on applications. The site is an [...]

How Do I Create a Group In Facebook?

This one is really simple people you don’t need to read through a huge step by step tutorial list all you do is click this link and it will take you to the Facebook Group page no messing about. If your logged into Facebook it will take you directly to the page if you are [...]