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Restore Facebook Homepage

There is a neat trick discovered by a women called Dawn Kelly from Leicester in England. You can restore your facebook homepage to its original setting after the October update by following this neat trick. To restore Facebook to old look…Look to the top left menu and click on MORE (in blue). Then drag STATUS [...]

New Facebook Design Have You Noticed?

Some of you may have not noticed that Facebook as had a home page redesign and rolled it out without so much as a mention. Thousands of Facebook members are protesting about the changes that Facebook has made to its Homepage. Many people are not happy with the new layout and have sent emails in [...]

Facebook Buttons – Share your Facebook profile and pages

We would like to tell you about a cool site we came across called Facebook Buttons it lets is users hotlink their cool images on sites they use to promote their Facebook profiles and pages. The site is pretty new but has some cool images to use for Facebook and Twitter. We have already added [...]

Weird Symbols on Facebook

For some each time they try to log into Facebook they are landing on a page where there are strange symbols. There are numerous things this could be, One being your anti virus software. This is a common effect if you have Norton installed on your computer best bet is to remove it or try [...]

Facebook login is Blank

There has been many reports of Facebook users saying that the Facebook Login is blank when they visit it or try to login. We have sent Facebook numerous emails for our readers regarding this issue and this is what they had to say about the common Facebook bug. We are aware of the blank page [...]

Facebook and Twitter on my Xbox 360

WoWee we hear you say! That’s right dear readers This falls Xbox 360 update will include a snazzy update to allow you to access facebook on your Xbox 360 as well as accessing Twitter too. We have had the privilege of watching a user interface video and we have to report that it looks very [...]

Facebook Login Update

Facebook Login has been experiencing a little downtime today with a new server upgrade we apologize for any inconvenience caused we added so many great new articles today that it crashed our server dude to the amount of traffic those posts generated so we have moved host for all your Facebook Login needs. Regards the [...]

Facebook Toolbar for Firefox

The firefox facebook toolbar is ultra cool if your a fan of the firefox web browser aswell as a facebooker! The idea is that you can be anywhere on any site and still stay connected to your facebook profile with notifications, chat, messages and friends online status. Some of the key features of the tool [...]

Make money from your Facebook profile pages

If you get a great deal of traffic to your facebook profile pages then we may have a solution for you to make some money for your troubles. We have just discovered this cool application called Profile HTML it allows you to place a editable html box inside your profile pages. If you join an [...]

Make Facebook go all weird with lens flare

This is a neat little trick you can do some mad keyboard skills whilst on facebook to add some flavour to it try it and you will see the code is similar to that of soncic the hedgehog on the old Sega heres the code. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, [...]