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I Cannot login to facebook

This seems to be a bit of a regular account for members of facebook just of late the reason being that the website is beginning to become bogged and cluttered if you truly are stumped and can’t log into facebook then please visit the Facebook Help section of this site post your problem and hopefully [...]

Facebook login couple tie the knot

A couple that met through the power of facebook have tied the not Gemma Kelly was married to Jon Griffin of Leicester England on Saturday. The wedding day was a lovely day and many people attended. There are many couples that meet on Facebook that are getting married who says that online dating is for [...]

Facebook Login Username

Facebook now allows you to Login using your Facebook Username. Your username is easier to use and remember than your email to login to the number one social networking website. The question arises have you picked one yet if not pick your facebook username it simple and you can use it to direct people to [...]