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Facebook Login Problems

Are you having problems logging in? first start by going to and then inputting your information into the usename and password then hit login. If all else fails try to recover you account by going to the recovery page.

Google Slap or Google Sandbox Effect

We were gutted to see that our site which we have worked so hard on adding content daily has been slapped or placed in the Google sandbox which has greatly effected our traffic and thus our reach to facebook users. For those of you that don’t know The Google sanbox is a theory that is [...]

Addicted to Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook? Here are 10 of our pointers that may indicate your addiction to the social networking website. 1.Cant go without? If you can’t go at least one day without going on facebook then you know your addicted go on try it we dare you! 2.Going bed to late? If you stay [...]

Facebook Login On Holiday

We will be on holiday for just over a week so please do not expect nay updates from us in the meantime. When we come back we will get back on with bringing you the latest news from the world of Facebook.

Facebook Connect On Your Website

If you have a website that has a memberbase then you can add the facebook connect system to your site to post updates to facebook from your site for your users that have a facebook account. Incorporating Facebook Connect into your site would be a great way of marketing your site for example if you [...]

Facebook YoVille

YoVille on Facebook is amazing and very addictive to say the least. You set your character up to resemble you in real life and away you go mooching around YoVille making frineds chatting, playing games and kitting out your house with all the latest gear. YoVille is a rol playing game and is filled to [...]

Do You Have A Facebook Story?

A few years back a friend of ours who owns a pub was burgled whilst he was serving at the bar and his wife was taking a shower. The burgler raided the upstairs of the pub not realizing that he was caught red handed on cctv installed upstairs. My friend Chris Speight who runs the [...]

Facebook Acquires FriendFeed

Our beloved Facebook has joined forces with FriendFeed another cool online site to keep in touch and share with your friends. Over the past few months we have all seen facebook implementations that have been borrowed from FriendFeeds feature list with the ‘like’ link on photos and comments. The people behind FriendFeed have bought you [...]

New Facebook Search

For those of you that dont know Facebook has been testing it’s beta search since mid June. The facebook search facility now displays search engne results similar to those of bing the popular search engine from microsft. If you remember we told you how Microsoft purchased a stake in facebook way back in 2007 which [...]

How to poke a friend on facebook

The facebook poke as been used millions of times throughout the world and is unique to facebook, the action lets you poke your friends with options for them to poke you back here we list basic instructions on how to poke a friend on facebook. Make sure your logged into facebook. Use the search bar [...]