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Facebook Technical Support Update

We decided to open up a facebook support page up as we were inundated with contact emails relating to support issues on facebook. If you have a query about facebook any query at all then please direct then to our support page. The support questions and asnwers are open to public viewing in hope of [...]

Facebook Connect

Facebook connect is a simple way of connecting your facebook account to Digg it allows you to easily share your digged and submitted stories on digg with your facebook friends. Digg has implemented some cool facebook add-ons in the past but this one has to be the best its very user friendly and helps spread [...]

Facebook Pet Society

Pet Society on facebook is another installment from playfish who are proving to be the best provider for inhouse entertainment on the facebook platform. Pet society is a rpg game using pets as characters the game is hugely popular on facebook and to date well over 15 million users are using the game. The objective [...]

Facebook GroupCard

GroupCard is a sweet facebook application as it allows you to create a card that you promote to friends that promote to their friends and so on to sign the card sort of link chain. Some may look at it as some kind of petition process on facebook some group cards have well over 6 [...]

Facebook Mojolt Games

Mojolt Games is a cool gaming application for facebook, you will have access to well over 500 games to compete against your friends with in realtime online. There are many genres of games to play such as Sports, Puzzle, Arcade and Strategy all for free. Add Mojolt Games to your facebook account and say good [...]

Why Facebook Login

Some people have asked why did I start this Facebook Login blog well heres a few answers as to why I started this blog; I love facebook I have a vast knowledge of facebook and a great many friends as I’m sure you do that use facebook A site related to a site that will [...]

Facebook Poker Texas Holdem

Almost everyone I know is playing this on facebook it’s a card game the best one you can play for skill and fun. Texas hold em is poker at its best it’s an addictive game to say the least once you get the bug you wont be able to stop the game deals 2 cards [...]

Create Applications For Facebook

This neat tool alows you to create cool facebook applications for the best social networking site there is. Do you have an idea on a cool app that facebook is missing you could create it with ease then capatilize on it and make yourself some money for your effort. We are in the process of [...]

Facebook Geo Challenge

Geo Challenge is simply awesome as it puts your knowledge of where places are in the world to its true test. If your like me and like geography then you will love this game in fact I don’t think you have to like geography to like this game its just so much fun and really [...]

Facebook Mafia Wars

Mafia wars is quickly becoming the most popular game you can play on facebook its truly a wonderful spectacle of a game using your skill and knowledge to become a mobster and rule facebook with your Mafia empire. Start from scratch and build up a global force to be reckoned with doing all the stuff [...]