Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable

A great number of p[people have been getting the “Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable” page which redirects everyone that’s logged in to the same Facebook page which is this http://www.facebook.com/sorry.php?msg=account there is no easy fix for this problem other than sit back chill and wait for the issue to resolve we think it’s an automated message that Facebook produces if it’s working on upgrades and new features.

Account Temporarily Unavailable

Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.

Facebook Status

There is cool new Facebook Status checker that’s just launched it lets you see Where Facebook is down in the world so if you get worried that Facebook is broken or whatever you can simply visit this site log it and see if others in your area are experiencing the same issues as you. The website is a great Facebook Status checker we advise that you bookmark it for future use. Facebook is constantly down in some parts of the world the website apparently uses services such as Twitter and Facebook itself as well as relying on users of the site to give their reports on Facebook being down.

New Facebook Auto Photo Tagging

Facebook are rolling out a rather exciting new feature to their photo tagging tool it’s an auto facial recognition tagging system. The feature is being rolled out very slowly on Facebook but we have been lucky enough to see it in action the feature at the moment groups all your uploaded photos by faces and then asks you to name the face. Once you have named the face it is stored into the Facebook database so that the next time you upload a photo with the recognized face it auto tags it how cool it that!!! This cool new feature from Facebook is incredible and will surely see them become the most popular photo sharing website in the world.

Request your Facebook Email

There is a page on Facebook which we have found this morning that you can use to request to start using the new messaging system and thus acquiring a new uber cool Facebook Email try it now :) We suspect that the mail sign in interface will be be integrated into Facebook wont be anything like the hotmail sign in interface as that really does suck!

As soon as we revive our invitation we will update you with more news on what the new interface is like of course! Watch this space :)

Facebook Email

Thats right folks!! you heard it right Facebook has just announced a new feature coming to Facebook soon called “project titan” The new feature is an email system embedded into the Facebook messaging system.
The new messaging system will allow you to attach things and send them in the same way you do using normal email services such as Gmail, Hotmail and yahoo to name a few. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook believes this is the future and the new Facebook Email service will be a real time email client similar to that of Gmail and Hotmail. The new service is only open to beta testers at the moment but is expected to be rolled out fully in the coming months personally we think that this is a great addition to Facebook it will be rather cool saying oh send me a email my email address is facebooklogin@facebook.com :) we will no dount bring you more news onthe Facebook Email service as and when we get it.

Change Facebook Login Background

Heres a neat tricks for you Google Chrome lovers out there you can change your Facebook Login page background with ease give it a new lease of life make it looks cleaner and fresher than the normal dull Facebook background hey!

Step 1:
Download Facebook Refresh extension here.

Step 2:
Once Installed type chrome://extensions/ on adress bar.

Step 3:
Click Facebook refresh it will open a new Tab looking for your chosen image.

Step 4:
Visit Google images and find and image you like and click save.

Step 5:
Now visit www.facebook.com and checkout your cool new background :)

Facebook and Microsoft Gang Up on Google

It certainly looks like the war is on as Bing now integrates Facebook into it’s core search features to make search more social. Bing as added buttons to its searches and many more features which are still yet to be unveiled by Microsoft’s power house search engine. Facebook as integrated Bing into its search too so the bat swings both ways could people start to use Facebook’s search rather than Google’s search from now on? We hope not as in our honest opinion Google is the daddy when it comes to search they deliver all the time Bing on the other hand returns some terrible results.

We predict that something big is coming for Google they have already admitted to the launch of Google Me but we think that they have greater things at work just to seal their top spot as the most used website and thus search engine in the world. We will obviously keep you posted :)

Tagging Friends in Posts does not work

Here a neat trick that we learned almost all the time the feature that let’s you tag your friends in Facebook statues and Comments does not load properly when using the @friends name, all you have to do in Firefox or Internet Explorer open a new blank tab (hit the + button next to your tab) load it then go back to your Facebook tab and try again it works like a charm and loads lightning fast. Try it all you have to do is type in the @friends name, as your typing your friends name you see your friends popup to select its a great feature which they got from Twitter.

Great tip for Tagging Friend in Posts.

Facebook Places goes live in the U.K

If you use your iPhone and have just upgraded to the new version on the iPhone app store then you will now see a places button in your central Facebook hub on your ultra cool iPhone. Places lets you update real time locations to Facebook so if you in Top Shop or Macy’s you can hit the places button and it will let all your friends know and potential Burglars lol know where you are too.  If you want to experience Facebook Places from your web browser simply go to http://www.facebook.com/places/ and follow the on screen instructions. We advise that you be very careful when using this new feature from Facebook as there can be drastic consequences in letting the world know of your location.

Facebook Arcade

This is a really neat Facebook arcade system that lets you post your scores and rank up points to show off to your Facebooking friends the app is new and it has some really addictive games to boot. We spoke to the developers and they said that the system is still in beta but they have quite a few users that are very happy with it and the games they provide on the free arcade service. The Facebook arcade application is very easy to use and has some ranking systems with some more to go in, the developers have stated. We asked why they called it MashCade and they said that it’s a mashup of all the arcade greats from Tetirs to Sonic they have them all.

How good are you? We tried it out and here are some of our favorite titles on there.